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Ideas, for shows.

Idea for a show: Wanted: Dead or Alive

Richard Hammond presents this hot new Saturday night TV quiz in which hunky boy-band The Wanted take on members of the public in a battle of wits and prediction ability. 

Using a combination of CGI, actors and police interviews real life car crashes are recreated down to the finest detail. The two teams (The Public v The Wanted) must then predict if the people involved in the crash ended up dead or alive. Correct answers mean points and points mean prizes from furry dice to a steering lock to a swanky new sports car. 

Do these contestants have the drive to succeed or are they just Crash Test Dummies? 

Less clever spin off titles: McFly: Dead or Alive, Harvey From So Solid Crew: Dead or Alive, Previous X-Factor Winners: Dead or Alive.


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