Idea For A Show

Ideas, for shows.

Idea for a show: The King’s Peach.

It’s a little known fact that stammering shambles King George VI had an extreme phobia of peaches. When this phobia began to impact on his ability to rule the nation a solution had to be sought. This two hour documentary looks at the various techniques that were employed but which ultimately failed to alleviate the King’s fear of the furry fruit, and the relationship he struck up as a last ditch attempt with an eccentric dietician who’s less than orthodox approach led to eventual success. Contains swearing.The King'sPeach

Idea for a show: Mordor She Wrote.

During a vacation in Middle Earth, Jessica Fletcher becomes embroiled in the unexplained and sudden disappearance of Bilbo Baggins and endeavours to solve this intrigu-ring mystery.


Idea For A Show: Danson With The Stars

In a futile attempt to fulfil his lifelong dream of setting up a bar in space, Ted Danson enrolls in the grueling training programme that all NASA astronauts are put through at Space Camp. Will Ted be met with cheers or just jeers from  his peers? Find out in this six-part documentary. 


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Idea For A Show: Mad For Lit!

Join influential theorist and literary scholar Dr Liam Gallagher as he romps through a post structuralist lampooning of modern literature, calling out Martin Amis for fisticuffs and befuddling Ian Mcewan with his mesmeric Mancunian monkey walk. Show may contain strobe lighting.

Mad For Lit

Idea for a show: Jenson & Hedges

Formula One supremo Jenson Button takes us on an historical journey through time and the English countryside as he investigates the story of the hedgerow. From their humble beginnings during the agriculture revolution in the 18th and 19th centuries, to their wide spread destruction and replacement with the dry stone wall in the 1960s. Jenson carries out this important investigation whilst attempting to quit smoking.

JensonHedgesJenson & Hedges

Idea for a show: Tron But Not Forgotten.

In the run up to the release of the Tron reboot at the end of last year, the cast of the original film meet up to discuss their experinces on the set of the 1982 classic.


Idea for a show: Jeff’s Bridges.

Legendary actor Jeff Bridges takes time out of his busy Hollywood schedule to present a six part documentary on a topic he is passionate about - Victorian era bridge construction. Follow Jeff as he takes a look at some of his favourites, from the Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland to Tower Bridge in London and how they influenced the great Bridge builders of the US.


Idea for a show: Chakra Khan.

Spiritual well being advice phone-in presented by legendary funk and soul singer Chaka Khan. Align your chakras, if Chaka Khan then so Khan you.

                     Chakra                                                         Khan

Idea for a show: My Niece Turned To Jelly.

Part of Channel Four’s Bodyshock season, this harrowing documentary tells the story of Enrique Romano, a proud uncle who had to watch in horror as his niece who was born with a rare genetic abnormality literally turned into a gelatinous blob.

My NieceTurned To Jelly

Idea for a show: Dustin’ Hoffman.

A BBC America funded reality TV show that follows the ‘How Clean Is Your House?’ format. David Hasselhoff investigates the homes of his Hollywood neighbours in search of grime and dirt. Renowned for his obsessive cleanliness, he then takes it upon himself to bring their “crib” up to scratch.


Idea for a show: Opera Winfrey

Having recently bid a tearful farewell to her audience Oprah Winfrey contributes to this Broadway musical based on the story of her influential long-running chat show. It’s Oprah Winfrey the Opera. Contains swearing.


Idea for a show: Sailor Jerry

Documentary following Jerry Seinfeld as he embarks on a cruise ship stand-up tour of the Caribbean. On the way he stops off to taste the wares of his favourite rum distilleries.