Idea For A Show

Ideas, for shows.

Idea For A Show: Keanu Leaves.

Fed up with life as an in-demand Hollywood superstar, keanu Reeves gives up acting for a while to make a living as a botanist.


Idea For A Show: Husburned.

Hard hitting documentary about husbands who have been physically scalded by their spouses in incidents of domestic violence…HusBurnedHusburned

Idea For A Show: Muse Cottages.

The 3 members of Muse battle it out in a competition to see who can make the biggest profit on renovating run-down and abandoned cottages.


Idea For A Show: Doug the Bounty Hunter

No longer the fresh faced high school student of Nickelodeon, Doug Funnie scrapes a living as a bounty hunter in the narcotic riddled urban ghettos of Bluffington. Aided by his faithful companion Porkchop and crack dependant sweetheart Patti Mayonnaise the reality show follows Doug’s ongoing battle against bail-hopping Drug Lord and life-long nemesis, Roger Klotz. In his spare time he visits his old school with best friend and rehabilitated meth addict Skeeter Valentine to teach the local kids his life changing catchphrase: -“Drugs aren’t funnie, I am.”

DougThe Bounty Hunter

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Idea For A Show: Bacon On Bacon.

Richard Bacon presents this weekly arts show in which he invites guest artists to recreate their favourite Francis Bacon painting using only the medium of bacon.

Baconon Baconon Bacon

Idea For A Show: The Walking Dude.

An experimental batch of military grade “Mary J” falls into general circulation and leads to an outbreak of Dudeism across the globe. Each episode of this twelve part drama series follows a rag bag group of survivors as they struggle to cope with the inevitably failing economy and dangerously low stocks of vodka and cream.

The Walking Dude.

Idea For A Show: Mock The Weak.

Topical, panel-based quiz show that doubles as a thinly veiled platform for Frankie Boyle to poke fun at the elderly and infirm.


Idea For A Show: Dad’s Army.

Due to the everyday stresses of work and fatherhood, a dad on the brink of bankruptcy begins to think that he is in charge of an imaginary group of ageing army men. This TV drama follows the escalating actions of a man on the edge through the eyes of his children.


Idea For A Show: The Bourne Identity.

With a nod to one of his most notable roles, Hollywood A-lister and Academy Award winner, Matt Damon travels along the length of the River Bourne in Dorset, England. His illuminating journey investigates the river itself and the land it has shaped in a quest to uncover the true Bourne Identity.

Potential follow-up series - The Bourne Supremacy - Matt Damon takes a similar journey along the country’s other River Bournes (the variants in Chertsey, Addletone and Wiltshire for example) in an attempt to discover which is the nation’s supreme Bourne.


Idea For A Show: Katz Scan

One time child star of kids spookfest Eerie, Indiana, Omri Katz, surprises unsuspecting members of the public with photocopies of various parts of his body. If they can decipher the specific appendage or region, they win a minimal cash prize.


Idea For A Show: Guy’s Fox

Children’s animated dramatisation of Guy Ritchie’s recent revelations about how he dealt with life during his tumultuous break up from 80s pop singer Madonna by seeking solace in a friendly fox that lived on his estate.


Idea For A Show: kerry Cat-owner

In this reality TV show, Kerry katona is to prove she is a valuable human being by looking after cats. She starts with domestic house pets then graduates to living with a pride of lions. Viewers decide whether or not to starve the big cats before each episode.